ClarionDoor: Cloud-Optimized Tech Solutions for Digital Insurers

Michael DeGusta, CEO, ClarionDoorMichael DeGusta, CEO
Playing it safe has left many insurers with a big technology pothole on the path to staying competitive in a rapidly evolving market. Every insurer is striving to be faster and provide a better customer experience, all while trying to increase efficiency and reduce cost. These daunting tasks will not be accomplished without technology. First, however, insurers must figure out which projects to prioritize, and which solution provider not only has the right features and functionality, but the right mix of services, implementation track record, and culture as well.

ClarionDoor is helping incumbent insurers turn traditional processes around with the CD Digital Distribution Suite(SM), a cloud-optimized, insurance-ready solution for rating, quoting, binding, and issuance which easily integrates with any existing core administration system. Built with years of insurance domain expertise embedded in the solution, the CD Digital Distribution Suite can be implemented in six to eight weeks on average, empowering insurers with speed-to-market and reducing the solution’s total cost of ownership (TCO) at the same time.

“The challenges insurers have with traditional solution providers are well-known, and that is part of the reason we started from scratch not just in our solution and workflow design, but also in reimagining what the insurer-solution provider relationship should look like,” says Michael DeGusta, CEO of ClarionDoor.

Traditional implementations put much of the work back on the already busy customer. Extensive time is typically lost spinning up project teams, documenting everything down to the last detail in a custom format, and using specialized tools to run the project. It’s easy for insurers to waste weeks or months in project prep before the implementation even really begins, especially if the solution provider doesn’t have a team with solid insurance experience and an innovative, integration-ready solution.

“We knew there was a better way,” says DeGusta. “ClarionDoor takes the heavy lifting off of the customer by using the customer’s existing source rates and forms in virtually any format and quickly setting them up with the CD Digital Distribution Suite.”

With over forty successful implementations completed since the company was launched, ClarionDoor has fine-tuned the art of stripping away the overhead typical of relationships with traditional solution providers by establishing a simple, monthly subscription model that has no hidden fees. ClarionDoor has also resisted the industry model of charging by volume, written premium, or transactions to make costs predictable for the client. “We can’t give away all of our trade secrets,” says DeGusta. “But, what I can tell you is that our success is the result of delivering well-architected solutions, a team that is there with you from the start and for life, and a no-nonsense business attitude.”

The company made a decision early on to support insurers struggling to move into a fully-digital world by operating exclusively in the cloud. On-premise installations burden insurers’ internal resources and capabilities, while ClarionDoor’s cloud-optimized solutions leave clients with no additional infrastructure to manage, zero downtime on product upgrades, and simple user interfaces (UIs) which empower insurers to focus on the business and the customer experience, rather than managing environments.

“I think this is a big reason why so many insurers are coming to ClarionDoor, and why 100 percent of our clients are referenceable,” says DeGusta.

The company’s rapid development approach and experienced team combined with innovative cloud solutions and a flexible, scalable delivery model has enabled clients to integrate seamlessly with other products in a fraction of the time required for most solutions. Whether implementing ISO or proprietary rates and forms, ClarionDoor’s clients can now have full control of an entire portfolio of insurance products without the extensive overhead.

“Our growth is a testament to the work we have put into our products and dedication to our clients. We are not sitting still, and we are excited about the new innovations yet to come on our roadmap.”

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