QuickInsured: Redefining the Insurance Purchasing Journey

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Jerry Batt, CEO & Derek Batt, Vice President, QuickInsuredJerry Batt, CEO & Derek Batt, Vice President The rise of e-commerce has significantly revolutionized the shopping behavior of customers. A few years ago, a typical consumer would have gone to a store to buy products, but today, they would instead be seated at the comfort of their homes and get the products delivered at their doorstep. Having witnessed the benefits of e-commerce firsthand, today, consumers expect the same level of ease and simplicity in their insurance shopping processes. Millennial buyers would rather have their insurance products ‘home-delivered’ than going through the arduous and time-consuming process of getting a quote through multiple agents or carriers. QuickInsured, a tech-enabled insurance agency—through its proprietary Quick Quote Technology gives consumers precisely the ‘online shopping’ experience they expect.

To reach this point of being one of the most tech-savvy and favored companies for both lenders and borrowers, QuickInsured had to go through its own growth journey to be at the helm of innovation in the insurance space. “When we created the company, we knew the future of insurance wasn’t going to be belly-to-belly transactions; it was going to be digital,” says Jerry Batt, the CEO of QuickInsured. So, the company, from the very start, pivoted the insurance landscape in a more technology-driven direction, bringing the best insurance products offered by A-rated carriers directly to the consumers. Today, after scripting several success stories with its technology-first approach, one can safely say that QuickInsured is making insurance ‘shopping’ a breeze for home, farm, and automobile owners, along with commercial consumers.

On that front, the company is indeed illuminating the path for modern homeowners through its solutions. “All that a millennial consumer wants today is virtual guidance to find a suitable insurance product in the most efficient manner,” says Derek Batt, Vice President. To make this happen, QuickInsured is integrating its Quick Quote Homeowners Insurance Service into lenders loan origination technology. When consumers need to get a mortgage to finance a house, the lenders can use Quick Quote to connect them with multiple A-rated carriers and provide several insurance quotes within seconds.

When we created the company, we knew the future of insurance wasn’t going to be belly-to-belly transactions; it was going to be digital

Quick Quote works like a charm to automate and expedite the entire process, freeing the customers from the slow-moving and unresponsive insurance agents during both the purchase and refinance process. Also, instead of making customers answer a list of 60 plus underwriting questions, QuickInsured aggregates pre-existing data from various sources and draws insights needed to assign relevant insurance options to the borrowers.

QuickInsured also ensures that the personal information of the borrowers doesn’t get out of their system, and thus, they maintain very stringent data privacy measures. And, as an added precaution, QuickInsured refrains from collecting social security numbers from the customers. Any other ensuing processes, including follow-ups with the carriers, are done by the insurance consultants at QuickInsured.

Emphasizing further on their customer-centric capabilities of Quick Quote, Derek presents the case of a loan officer who was refinancing the mortgage for a customer. The loan officer was facing a challenge of getting an updated evidence of homeowner’s insurance from the customer’s current insurance company. They also noticed that the insurance premium was too high to qualify for the refinance. That was when the loan officer chose to use Quick Quote for the first time. With a click of a button, they connected their borrower with multiple insurance quotes that could be bound in minutes with better coverage at a much lower premium.

That loan officer was able to close the loan on time, rather than having to postpone it because of a late response from their current agent or cancel the loan because of qualification issues. “This is one of the many client stories where customers were able to expedite their closing process using Quick Quote,” mentions Derek.

However, QuickInsured’s offerings are not just limited to connecting lenders and borrowers. Once the consumers have chosen their products, the company presents the best discounts and additional features that the carriers can offer. “These benefits differ from consumer to consumer, as it depends on their varying needs and risk portfolios,” explains Derek. For instance, some consumers may require flood insurance while others may need to protect a classic car or fine jewelry. It’s always a benefit to the consumer to look at bundling their home and auto insurance together. QuickInsured works to give consumers the peace of mind knowing that their largest assets are properly insured and protected. As an additional service, all QuickInsured clients receive an annual policy review. If a client’s insurance policies are taking an increase the company will re-shop the client to see if there is additional savings by moving to a different carrier.

Owing to such consumer-centric and technologically-superior capabilities in the insurance space, QuickInsured is witnessing rapid growth in the industry. The current pandemic crisis has not made a dent to this growth. With robust, technology-enabled processes in place, QuickInsured’s employees were able to work effectively from home and deliver the same level of performance as before. Adding fuel to this growth, the company is creating partnerships with mortgage companies and helping them connect their consumers with insurance more efficiently. Additionally, QuickInsured is also bringing unmatched insurance packages to buyers in all 50 states of the U.S. On this stairway of success, the company’s next step is to expand its presence further while keeping quality and customer experience on the high pedestal.

- Aaron Pierce
    October 12, 2020
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Jerry Batt, CEO & Derek Batt, Vice President

QuickInsured is a tech-enabled insurance company that automates and expedites the insurance shopping process through digital technology. Since its inception, the company has devoted its knowledge and experience to delivering quality insurance policies to individuals and businesses in all the 50 states in the U.S. The trusted insurance professionals at QuickInsured work with the customers every step of the insurance buying process, designing personal or commercial insurance policies to fit their specific needs. Working with QuickInsured means availing the best experience, service quality, and attention one can expect only from the most premier of independent agencies